Berserk for Beboe

If you follow us on Instagram, chances are that you’ve seen our bikinis laying next to a super cute rose gold pen (or two) on different occasions and while some may already know what is in them, for those who don’t, this one’s for you.


Cannabis created by intriguing individuals, Scott Campbell and Clement Kwan curated Beboe,  a brand best made for the A-list authentics taking part in this auspicious industry. The cannabis culture is no stranger to the population, however, it is widely deemed negative from mainstream media. Other than for obvious reasons, this issue also stems from the goofy, childish slang for strain names, gaudy packaging and frivolous product. Beboe embraces luxury as it suits the experienced and the novice marijuana smoker using CBD and microdosing. 


With an unusual jumpstart in the business due to already being well recognized individuals in the arts industries, Campbell and Kwan have quickly reached acceptance and recognition from high end individuals and companies. Campbell being a world-renowned tattoo artist, inking up celebrities like Heath Ledger, Marc Jacobs, and Travis Scott, while also being married to actress Lake Bell proves his status. Where as Kwan, is on the top of the fashion pedestal as the former President of YOOX North America, another well-known luxury retailer, and COO for Dolce & Gabbana. With both founders experienced in cannabis cultivation as well, Beboe was created. Named after Mr. Campbell’s grandmother Be (Bernice) Boe, as he later discovered she would scoop dime bags from the local corner-store to incorporate into the brownies that eased the suffering of his mother whom suffered from cancer. In search for acceptance in the social realm, Beboe makes simple and sophisticated cannabis products worth indulging in. 


The “Cold Pressed Juice of Weed”? 

Beboe is based off elegance and aesthetic as their products are of the highest quality with designs you crave to post. Take a look through your new rose-gold-tinted glasses as their vaporizer pens brand chic across California. With an ingenious branding strategy, they have created a highly customizable product as they carefully listen to the market needs. The growing want for sustainability and living healthy, many people are cautious and educated about what they indulge in. There is a large market in the marijuana industry for the “non-stoner”, respectively. Those individuals who are highly inexperienced in the weed industry, those who aren’t looking to get high, and those who want the highest quality products as possible; Campbell states in Forbes Magazine that Beboe (is), “basically the cold press juice of weed.” 


A soft and elegant way to introduce this new market poses cannabis as a daily luxury rather than immediately associating with the “stoner” stereotype. With low THC content in their vaporizer pens and low milligrams of THC in their pastilles, this company introduces a chic way to microdose. Incorporating CBD into their pens and collaborating with brands such as Dirty Lemon for their new CBD drink, they create an all encompassing relaxation potion that allows you to reap all the medical benefits of these products without the drag of being “stoned”. They ensure that the cannabis products they use are fungicide and pesticide free and processed in a way that is as gentle to the earth and the plants as possible. This ensures that the weed you are indulging in is of the highest possible quality and best for your overall health. 


A positive edible experience

You can ask a lot of people and the majority have a horror story about eating a cannabis edible and having symptoms they wish they never had. If you’ve ever eaten one too many brownies because you “didn’t feel them at first” or couldn’t stop eating those tasty gummies and have experienced hallucinations, sleep paralysis, regular paralysis, paranoia, or more, you know that edibles can be a little scary and definitely unpredictable. Beboe offers edible cold water hash pastilles with only 5 mg of THC in them that provides their users with a safe, effective microdose of edible cannabis. The Beboe pastilles provides a comforting way to enjoy an edible without the nerves of how it may make you feel or ruining your day. Kwan and Campbell hope to provide the public with a positive edible experience as they rid the cannabis name of negative features and pushing its acceptance throughout the community. 


Not everyone wants the comatose effects of regular, high potent edible in the light times of the day. Beboe’s edibles are sufficient for relaxation, clearing the mind, and sparking the creative conscious without the symptoms that bring you down. One or two pastilles can be taken anywhere, at any time, in order to take the edge off of the indulger. Pop into work and pop a pastille into your mouth as it inspires the individual and reduces daily stressors. Recover from your workout and relax with the Dirty Lemon CBD drink. Microdosing opens a variety of doors for the individual as your daily consumptions reap health benefits you will notice immediately. 


Go Beboe! 
So whether you want assistance with insomnia, a boost in your inspirations, or an ultimate way to indulge with the dinner party mentality, Beboe is a must. For the A-listers and alike, this quality cannabis product gives people a way to enjoy themselves without the dirty looks and negative chatter. Look classy, feel good, and let Beboe sweep the room away with elegance and aesthetic.