What’s Sustainability? 

We pride ourselves on not only being a brand that promotes body positivity, but one that also promotes living a lifestyle that enriches the lives of others as well.

Changing Our Carbon Imprint:

Our bikinis are created from 100% recycled material, 100% recycled yarn, and use 75% less energy to be created. 

We use an eco-friendly fabric that is recycled and made with chlorine resistance, sand resistance, shape retention, UV Ray protection, and is one of the softest fabrics on the market.

Our suits are currently proudly constructed in Paradise, Nevada.

Why Buy From Us?

What good is it to sell a bikini when if we don't protect the earth, we will no longer have beaches to frequent? We here at A+P are a conscious brand and support other conscious brands. In our effort to help the environment, we have created our very own recycle program where you can get a discount off of your next purchase with us just by sending us your old bikinis whether they’re from our brand or other brands. For more, check this out!

Statistics Don't Lie

With the increase of other sustainable clothing brands coming to the forefront, studies show that if we aren’t careful, by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, by weight. Aside from choosing to shop with sustainable brands, supporting beach cleanup efforts. To do our part, $5 from each of our swimwear and t-shirt sales goes to The Coral Restoration Foundation to aid in beach clean up efforts and the restoration of coral reefs. Keeping the sand as well as the ocean clean is crucial to keeping our beautiful beaches we love so much. Did you know that cigarette buds are made of plastic and when discarded in the sand, are estimated to leave toxic chemicals in our ocean waters for up to TEN years? We appreciate all of your sales and support as we continue to do our part in ocean conservation.

How Can You help?

  • Use stainless steel straws when you can

  • Recycle water bottles and other paper or plastic goods when given the option

  • Encourage your friends not to litter

  • Support sustainable brands and share the word with your friends