Shake it, Baby


Suncore Food’s has blown us away with their %100 plant based Chocolate Turmeric Protein powder. This protein source blends delicious chocolate with zesty turmeric and added minerals to create a taste like nothing you’ve had before! As a vegetarian who is allergic to soy products, this plant-based protein is just what I needed to give my smoothies and snacks that extra boost.


The recipe for my personal breakfast smoothie includes almond milk, strawberries, and a banana. Once I added the powder to the pink drink, immediately the decadent scent of chocolate with the finishing tang of turmeric made me extremely excited to try this creamy frozen drink.


If you are vegan or vegetarian, you know the importance of getting creative when it comes to adding more protein into your diet. This protein powder is a great additive due to it’s natural, gluten free, and paleo characteristics. And did we mention….chocolate? With 20 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and only 147 calories, this supplement is golden. Chocolate and turmeric together makes an incredible antioxidant duo, also helping lower blood pressure, detox your liver, prevent cancer, and aid in weight loss. This recipe is truly healthy for your gut as well as your skin! Turmeric has an ancient history of decreasing acne breakouts and uncovering soft glowing skin whether applied topically or ingested.



Aside from adding this powder to your smoothies, whip up some delicious Chocolate Turmeric  Nice Cream or Chocolate Turmeric Pumpkin protein snacks! This versatile protein powder is a truly tasty addition to your healthy lifestyle.


Arrow + Phoenix is here to encourage you to live your best beautiful life from the inside and out. Comment below and tell us your favorite recipes using this delicious Protein Powder from Suncore Foods!

Imari Gabrielle Comment