Natural Deodorant for Health and Sustainability

Why switching your chemical-ridden antiperspirant to a natural alternative not only increases health and well-being but reduces your carbon footprint too!


I have lived in Sunny Sarasota Florida for most of my life, and with this, comes the sometimes unbearable heat that accompanies this vacation spot. From the time you step foot out your front door to taking those five steps to reach your car, you are wet with sweat. We fumble with our key ring as we rush to blast the AC, attempting not to burn our thighs or forearms on the smoldering metal portion of the seat belt or our lower back on the hot black leather. I’m sure many of you have experienced heat to this extent even outside of Florida, and you must know that being uncomfortably hot is never fun. Ensuring that we have a dry, odorless, or even sweet smelling under-arm, is the first thing we want when dealing with heat. 


Who says that heat is the only reason I sweat, though?! Well, if you didn’t realize already, sweating is a natural and even a necessary part of the body process! Sweating regulates the body’s natural temperature and releases unwanted toxins. Sweat itself actually isn’t the part that creates a body odor, it is when this sweat (a mixture of salt and water) comes in contact with the natural bacteria on the body, that we experience the unpleasant smell. Using antiperspirants loaded with chemicals, clog the pores and limit the body from releasing toxins and regulating the body temperature. Making the switch to a natural deodorant can not only solve the issue on odor, but creates a beneficial rather than harmful way to manage sweat. 

Ailments of Aluminum


Aluminum is a widely used chemical in antiperspirants that block the sweat ducts and prevents sweating in the area it is applied to. This chemical is also a neurotoxin and has been linked to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. This is unhealthy for the skin as it causes toxins to be trapped inside the body which induces cellular change, and in turn puts the individual at a higher risk for cancer. Aluminum is also linked to kidney disease and liver damage if overexposed, and some studies even suggest that deodorants may even be linked to breast cancer. Although these studies suggest it, there is no significant evidence as of yet that links deodorants to these illnesses, however, switching to a natural product is better for one’s overall health no matter the studies. 

This chemical also creates an acidic reaction when in contact with fabric, which can lead to those unpleasant underarm stains on your favorite white t-shirt. Natural deodorants, on the other hand, are aluminum free and usually contain a base of baking soda, as it is a more natural way to stop sweating. And if these types of natural deodorant just don’t work for you, there are crystal deodorant stones that contain a natural occurring form of aluminum, the molecules of which are too large for the skin to absorb.   

Nature’s Benefits


Natural and organic deodorants use a blend of Earth’s greatest materials in order to absorb sweat molecules rather than clogging up the pores of the underarm. Although these natural deodorants may not stop you from sweating, it will greatly help with the odor and chemical balance. It is actually better if your antiperspirant isn’t actually labeled as an ‘antiperspirant,’ as sweating is a natural way for the body to detoxify, which is very good for the body’s overall health. When switching, don’t be alarmed if you seem to sweat a little more or even have a stronger odor, as your body is withdrawing from the old deodorant and detoxifying. After about a week of use, your body chemistry should adhere to the new natural deodorant and you can now fully reap the benefits of this green product. 

Keeping the pores unclogged calls for healthy skin and lymph nodes, which extend to having a lower risk for certain cancers. If you are breastfeeding, as these glands and pores are in close contact with the breast tissue, it is important to use a natural deodorant to ensure no harmful chemicals are being absorbed into your breast milk. 

Lower exposure to aluminum causes a lower risk for aluminum related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, liver and kidney disease, and other neurodegenerative diseases. Conventional deodorants also contain parabens which have estrogen-like effects and can cause an imbalance in the body’s natural hormones and chemistry. 

Another maximum benefit to using a natural deodorant would be that fact that you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Not only are the production of these materials all natural and Earth friendly, they reduce the need to do laundry and even the amount of detergent used as it eliminates unwanted yellow stains or marks on clothing. Cruelty-free products such as these will aid in leading a more holistic lifestyle. 

Switch it up!


Being aluminum free, natural deodorants use a mix between baking soda, essential oils, cornstarch, and coconut oil to kill bacteria and create a pleasant smell. With the soda and starch making it difficult for bacteria on the skin to thrive, as the essential oils and other natural oils and ingredients act as antibacterial and aromatic agents. Some ingredients used, such as witch hazel, even act as a soothing remedy to razor bumps and even shrink pores. 

Here at Arrow + Phoenix there are a variety of different brands we love that promote sustainability and Earth’s natural resources. One of our favorite natural deodorants is from Briute Essentials, which uses a blend of 100% organic, plant-based materials including coconut oil, beeswax, arrowroot powder, shea butter and baking soda. Although it is fragrance free, it is proven to eliminate odors on even the most sensitive skin. 

So protect the environment and protect your body by switching up to a natural deodorant. Not only will it help with natural body detoxification, but it will leave you smelling great and feeling better. Ditch the harmful chemicals that cause irritation and illness and find a high quality product that is eco-friendly and organic. Catch the Wayve next week to see more products we love!