The Lash Bungalow: An Oasis

The Lash Bungalow leaves you with natural looking, selfie worthy lashes that makes your beauty routine a breeze. Trained by a world renowned lash artist, the Lash Bungalow team produces top notch results, making your eyes pop and your confidence skyrocket.


Lash Bungalow opened January 4th of 2019 in the perfect location right on the corner of Wilshire Blvd in beautiful Beverly Hills California. The most convenient corner store for that everyday lifestyle paired with an everyday look. Lash Bungalow specializes in their natural looking lashes, leaving you with a glamorous glow and a lighter look that suits any occasion. Owner Jill Scheid has over 10 years in the lash/beauty industry under her belt, with Kacie Griffin as her left-hand-man flourishing all things marketing and branding; together creating a successful studio for all things beauty.

Upon walking those sunny California streets, you are greeted by the subtle aesthetic of Lash Bungalow, a gem hidden in plain sight. Their blue hued windows allow the sun's natural rays to stream through, giving the studio a bright and airy feel. Their quaint decor is complemented by indoor plants and natural colors, making the ambiance tranquil and serene. No better place to relax and get your lashes professionally enhanced, or your beauty refreshed with one of their many services.

What are Lash Extensions?

For those of you who don’t know what eyelash extensions are, they are faux hair that varies in thickness, length and curls that are delicately placed individually onto each of your natural eyelashes. Lash Bungalow give your eyes an enhanced, fuller look without looking fake or over the top. Each skilled aesthetician leaves you looking and feeling amazing.


Eyelash Extensions, when done correctly, do not damage the quality of your original eyelashes. Jill Sheid, owner of Lash Bungalow, has developed a technique specifically to ensure that your natural lashes stay uncompromised and healthy.


These extensions take between 45 minutes to 120 minutes to apply and usually last between 2-6 weeks, depending on each person. Towards the end of those 2-6 weeks hey naturally fall out, as your natural lashes normally do. You can also opt for a Lash Lift, which is a Keratin serum treatment that is applied to your lashes that creates a long lasting curl or “lift” to your natural lashes. This procedure lasts about 2-3 months!

Additional Beauty Services

Lash Bungalow offers not only incredible eyelash extensions, but they have a variety of other services their customers can take advantage of! Eyebrow shaping and waxing is a wonderful aspect of the Lash Bungalow where you can kill two birds with one stone during your trip to the studio! While LED Light Therapy is a soothing, painless service that assists with fine lines and wrinkles, you can get glammed up in a few different ways here at the LB.


Not only can you come to this Beverly Hills Bungalow to get glammed up, you can come get geeked up too! The Lash Bungalow offers the Lash Academy, where licensed aestheticians or cosmetologists can come get trained by the industry’s leading master lash artist Jill Sheid herself! Come get hands on training to learn Jill’s unique technique to preserve the quality of your customers natural lashes. Get skills you’ll only learn here that will have everyone impressed!

Leave it to the Lash Bungalow

If you haven’t yet, go check out Lash Bungalows new studio at 8601 Wilshire Blvd. Suite A in Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Their products well exceed their prices and you’ll never leave disappointed. Take advantage of their services and watch your daily beauty routine diminish to almost nothing. With a professionally trained staff that is friendly and inviting, you will feel wonderful regardless of the day you are having.


Lash Bungalow promotes wellness and sustainability by using organic materials and new age technology that sets them apart from many lash studios today. They host wellness panels as their studio space doubles as an event space! What’s better than lashes? Not only can you get your lashes done at The Lash Bungalow, but you can also shop our bikinis and skincare at their location and receive a FREE tote with any purchase. Focusing on natural beauty there, us here at Arrow and Phoenix love all things natural, which is why we rave over places like the Lash Bungalow. Take advantage of their prestige and techniques to look your best at all times.