Let's Get Crystal Clear About Crystal Cleansing

Crystal Cleansing


Crystals may be used as decor or as manifestation tools to cleanse the space and purify the spirits. It can be difficult to keep good energies high after a long day of work, daily struggles, and anything that can exhaust our positive energy. The incorporation of crystals into our feng shui replenishes the positivity and brings about new energies for manifestation.

Healing with crystals has been used all throughout history, aligning and clearing energies for health and well-being. Focusing on three main properties: clearing, energizing, and balancing; we can delve into which stones are best for what and how you can incorporate this into your Spring cleaning and cleansing!

Clearing Crystals


Some crystals have the ability to absorb and remove certain types of energies from your body and your environment. Similar to a magnet, a crystal can pick up and remove negative energies from these spaces. The best crystals for this are those that are white or clear. These stones include Quartz, Moonstone, and Selenite.

White/clear crystals are very absorbent and are perfect for cleansing any type of energy. Place these stones near your bedside table, under your pillow, for meditation, and in places you feel need uplifting. You can even use these crystals to replenish and recharge other types of crystals to ensure they aren’t holding any inherent negative energy.

Energizing Crystals


Many crystals can push energies through your body, mind, and spirit through resonant frequencies. The crystal harnesses energies through the quantum field and sends it to your own personal energy field. When seeking energy from crystals it is best to keep them on you, use during meditation for manifestation, and keep them in places like your office and where you get ready in the morning to reap the full benefits of each stone.

Stones best for energy include Jasper, Garnet and Ruby, as red crystals hold a lot of energy. Red invokes a sudden surge in energy and can be used as a pick me up. So you can ditch your morning coffee and replace it with a red crystal!

Balancing Crystals


The world and the universe are made from all different types of symmetry. Many things align in a mirrored fashion; the human body, leaves, butterflies, etc. When things become out of balance, crystal energy can move them back to place through energetic attraction and repulsion.

Aligning crystals include Amber and Sulfur, while balancing crystals include Jade, Emerald, and Malachite. The yellow and green gemstones are great for reorganizing and physical healing. When instilling a new habit or breaking an unhealthy one, or if you may be feeling ill, use these stones nearby. These crystals don’t absorb or rid the negative energy; instead, they redirect the energy flow to put things back into balance.

Other Crystals great for the home and office


  • Sapphire and Sodalite in the blue crystal healing category assist in communication and openness.

  • Rose Quartz and Morganite are stones of love. Place these in your bedroom to enhance the passion and in your office to deflect negativity. We can all use a little sweetness.

  • Tourmaline and Tiger’s Eye are the protector stones guiding you and clearing the way. Holding a lot of deflective energy, these stones repel energy and protect all that is around them.

  • Uplifting stones include Amethyst and Iolite. Being such a powerful color, these stones have a higher frequency and wavelength. Calling on higher powers, this crystal is great for healing and uplifting the mind, body, and spirit.

Here at Arrow and Phoenix we love taking care of our mind, body, spirit and environment. Incorporating crystals into your daily life can really make a difference and create peace of mind. If one individual can reap the benefits of crystal healing, it can cause a ripple effect, spreading positivity throughout each interaction. There are hundreds of different stones and crystals that hold energy for us to indulge in. Evaluate your situation and see which stone may be best for you!