Hello Spring: Here's to Smudging + Cleansing

Spring came early this year, which means Spring cleaning is near! Clean and cleanse your space with these popular tips and tricks to rid your home and life of negative energy.


Spring cleaning is here!

Where to begin?

The most important thing when it comes to cleansing and cleaning the home is to attempt to restore balance, whether that be energetically or physically. The first step in this process is to clean your space. This means removing clutter, unnecessary items, and ridding the home of all dust and dirt. This physical aspect is important as it sets the tone for further cleansing and ensuring all negativity is removed from the home or office. Removing the dust and dirt cleans the air you breathe, creating an initial space for positive energy to arise.

Now, although your home or office may appear to look clean to the naked eye, it may continue to feel dirty or uninviting. Energy may not be able to be seen, but it sure can be felt. Make your space inviting with some rituals and feng shui to bring about vibes you want everyone to feel.

Smudge Life

sage bundle.jpg

Smudging is an ancient practice where a variety of herbs are burned in efforts to purify and cleanse physical and personal spaces. Although this practice has been dismissed by many, considering it “new age”, leaning towards fantasy and spiritual nonsense, those attempting to discredit them can now be silenced. There has been scientific evidence to prove that there are numerous benefits to these rituals, on top of many indigenous groups practicing said rituals with faith throughout time.

People often smudge when they have been affected by a negative event, having feelings of sadness or fatigue, when moving into a new place, and upon the new year. Oftentimes smudging is used before and during meditation as well as to cleanse crystal energy, ensuring they don’t hold any inherent negativity.

The reason we may feel the heaviness of the air around us is because the electromagnetic field around our body, as well as the environment in which we live, can be blocked, actually, by harmful positive ions, which gives us those feelings of sluggishness and tension. When we are stressed, angry or unsettled, the positive ions build up, causing our surrounding energies to become stagnant. When we burn these herbs, we are releasing an abundance of negative ions to neutralize the air around us.

Negative ions are created in nature as air molecules break up due to sunlight, radiation, and moving air and water. So, when you are at the beach or in the mountains, it is typical to feel a sense of euphoria as your serotonin levels increase due to the high levels of negative ions in the air. These places have a much higher concentration of negative ions, much more than those in your home or office. Once these sacred plants are burned, the smoke breaks up the air and dissipates negative ions into your space, creating that sense of serenity we often seek.

As the air becomes cleaner and is rid of negativity as well as bacteria, it can benefit the overall health of the individual. Sage is the most common herb used during smudging, however, there are many herbs that are usually bundled together and tied with a string, called a smudge stick, to reap the specific benefits of each burning herb. Some common herbs used in a smudge stick include:

  • Sage and White Sage

  • Cedar and Pine derivatives

  • Lavender for calming

  • Osha Root

  • Sweet Grass

  • Frankincense for healing

  • Myrrh

  • Rose

  • Juniper

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How to properly smudge

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We first want to set the intention of clearing the space and ridding the home and body of negative energy. Then you are to light the end of your sage or smudge stick and blow out the flame to allow the herbs to smolder without flame.

When cleansing a home or office space you should walk around the home waving the wand in certain places that you feel may hold more negative energy; focus on getting behind doors, in corners, and in closets.

Some use mantras or incantations during their smudging rituals to further promote the cleansing and clearing.

Get Closer to Mother Nature


Another great way to clean and calm your space is by incorporating plants and salt lamps to your space! Plants are natural filters and can bring life and energy into any room they are brought into. Salt lamps, especially pink Himalayan salt lamps, are great negative energy absorbers. As these salt crystals are natural purifiers, they rid the negativity held in your space.

Place salt bowls in the corner of each room for a few hours at a time to absorb that energy. Sprinkle salt crystals on the carpets of each room as an absorbent, leave for a few minutes and vacuum, to rid the home of all negative energies and unwanted bacteria.

Get rid of dark curtains and let the light in as sun acts as a natural way to bring positive energy in. As our bodies react to light, bringing more natural light into those spaces in which we spend our time can have a great impact on our peace of mind.

Crystal Healing and Essential Oil Burning

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Crystal healing and aromatherapy have been two known ways to clear the energy in the room. Certain crystals manifest energies that we want to absorb and benefit from. In a later post, we will discuss crystal healing and which crystals are best for the energy you wish to absorb.

Placing crystals in spaces in which you want to cleanse will assist in the process of your Spring cleaning. Using crystals for meditation can help with cleaning your mind and spirit in order to rid the negativity within ourselves.

Aromatherapy goes hand in hand with smudging! Using the essential oils derived from the herbs used for smudging, plus other herbs that have the same properties, can be placed in a diffuser or oil burner for the same effect. Using a diffuser can be different from smudging in the sense that it can provide continuous clearing, as long as the oil is diffusing through out the air.

With the correct blend of oils, one can use aromatherapy to promote positivity and reduce the accumulation of negative energy in the first place. Some essential oils that are great for clearing negative energy other than those herbs listed above include:

  • Black Spruce

  • Lemon Verbena

  • Yarrow

  • Cypress

  • Lime

  • Peppermint/Spearmint

    Let’s get to work!

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Now we have seen the ways to clean your home not only of the physical mess, but the energetic mess as well. Using smudging, nature, crystal healing, and aromatherapy, we can properly cleanse our home and environment in which we spend our time.

Paying attention to the herbs used to rid this negativity, we are able to explore new ways to get the peace of mind we deserve this Spring. Feel comfortable inviting those guests over and let them feel the serenity of your newly cleaned space.

Keep watching as The Wayve will dive deeper into crystal healing and which crystals are best for what you need. We hope these tips and tricks can give you all a sense of positivity to carry throughout your home and office.