Kombucha on draft? Add Big Easy Bucha to your Nola Brew Tour!

New Orleans first ever Kombucha Brewery is booming in business, serving 9 delicious and unique flavors to pallets near and far. Thanks to duo Austin Sherman and Alexis Korman, kombucha has evolved to a new level, adopting sustainable production methods and offering a tasty way to give back!


Big Easy Bucha was created in 2014, when Austin Sherman starting whipping up batches of this fermented tea in his kitchen. His sister taught him the process, and it was all uphill ever since! Curating 5 initial flavors after a taste test in their very own kitchen, Austin Sherman and now wife Alexis Korman birthed their bucha baby business. Moving to New Orleans in 2015, putting in hard time and effort to get their product on the shelves and in stores and restaurants, the business took off.


If you are unfamiliar with Kombucha, it might be a little intimidating and sound a little gross at first, and if made incorrectly can taste more like vinegar than a fruit juice.. However, a good kombucha is far from unpalatable and close to incredible! It begins as a black or green tea, which goes through a fermentation process via a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast or SCOBY for short. Sweetened naturally but low in sugar, this brand uses absolutely no artificial flavors, colors, or sweetners (not even Stevia). Rich in probiotics, this fizzy funky drink has countless health benefits and acts as a fantastic alternative to soda or beer. BEB uses all natural, raw, and vegan ingredients to bring only the best flavors and benefits to its indulger.


Big Easy Bucha is made with regionally sourced and organic materials whenever possible and links with local artisans for their soft goods. Not only do they bring sustainability to the Gulf Coast communities, but they give a portion of their drink proceeds to regional charities. Filling the hearts and bellies of those in need. Their sustainable production is something we love to see here on The Wayve and Big Easy Bucha gets our stamp of approval!


With the exponential growth of their business, Big Easy Bucha now has over 50 employees, bottling and labeling 5 gallons of bucha in under a minute! Cutting Shermans time by over 600% when producing by himself. They have also even out-sold New Orleans national kombucha competitor 2 to 1 and landed itself in over 200 retail stores throughout the Southeast. With their appealing flavors like Jazz Juice and Cajun Kick, bursting with pineapple and elderflower or ginger and citrus; while finding their regionally sourced fruits like satsuma and Ponchatoula strawberries in their Streetcar Sipper and Bayou Berry, you can taste it all! They even have a Voodoo Brew, blended with chicory coffee and vanilla for that morning boost!


It is no mystery why this brand of bucha boomed. With taste and environment in mind, they curated a kombucha that is difficult to dislike. And if their regular kombucha drinks weren’t enough, they recently introduced Lil Easy Kombucha Shots! These 4 ounce kickers combine a double dose of long aged kombucha with fruits, roots, and spices! Don’t have time to down a full bottle? Lil Easy Kombucha Shots are perfect for that quick probiotic fix.

If you haven’t been convinced by now, go try Big Easy Bucha for yourself at one of their convenient retailers or go visit their incredible brewery in New Orleans. Head to their website bigeasybucha.com to see if there is a bucha near you!