Natural Remedies: Makeup Removers

7 Natural Alternatives to Makeup Removal





The understated boom of the beauty industry has brought an incredible amount of revenue to the world. It has given aspiring artists the most quality materials for practice, with proof as Ulta beauty stores’ revenue reaching a few billion and sales at Sephora doubling since 2011! Makeup companies large and small are a shining light amidst the darkness of other sectors of retail merchandising. But with the limitless amount of products to choose from, the more you invest in, the more you use, and the more you will eventually need to remove… . 


As much as we dread wiping away the minutes/hours used a day creating a look we love, we all end up taking our makeup off at one point or another. Countless makeup removers and wipes are readily available at your nearest drug store. (Majority of these have harmful chemicals in their ingredients) Have you ever thought that there may be healthier alternatives to your conventional makeup remover? Have you ever thought that there are things you may even have in your own home that are better for your skin and for the environment then some harmful removers at the store? Well, I am here to show you 7 simple alternatives to makeup removal which act as steps to a more sustainable lifestyle. 


7 Natural, Easily Accessible Ways to Remove Your Makeup


  1. Oils: There are a wide variety of oils that double as makeup removers you may even find in your own home. The most commonly found oils at home are olive and coconut oil. As these are both commonly used as cooking oils, you can rummage through your cabinet and find yourself two great oils that moisturize your skin and don’t irritate your eyes, leaving your skin smooth and soft. Other oils that can be used to remove your makeup include jojoba, almond, avocado, castor and even baby oil! These are amazing as they can be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive. With soothing and protective properties, these oils not only remove the toughest makeup but they may even improve the quality of your skin. It is also important to note here that oils actually balance the natural oils in your skin! So if you think your skin is “too oily” to use an oil as a makeup remover, you might want to think again as using a natural product such as these may balance out the oils and even ease them, rather than leaving you with more grease than you were given. 

  2. Honey: Gentle on the skin, this type of makeup remover can be created right in your own kitchen. Buy local and organic and you double up on your sustainable living points! Buying local honey is also good for your overall health and allergies as it is said that local honey contains their local pollen, which in turn strengthens the immune system for when the body becomes exposed during season. 

  3. Aloe Vera: Looking to cleanse and diminish those impurities your makeup may hold? Well Aloe Vera is a great way to get rid of your makeup! Works best when mixed with another cleansing makeup removing agent, such as an oil or honey, but the gel can be used by itself as well. This soothing way to remove dirt and makeup is a natural, greener alternative to your conventional makeup removers. 

  4. Witch Hazel: This herbal extract has been known, used and loved in the beauty industry for quite some time now. Witch Hazel has many different properties that can benefit your skin in a variety of ways! It has a soothing effect for irritated or itchy skin, can be used as a spot treatment for acne, and is a great natural herb to use for makeup removal. This goes great when pairing with an oil cleanse as well, but if used alone, it can remove oil and water based makeups with no oily residue left behind!

  5. Milk (Yes, Vegans, that means you too): Gain more than just strong bones when you use milk in your daily routine! Milk is great not only for your overall health but equally as great for your skin. With a good chance of this product already being in your fridge, milk can be a great alternative to makeup removal. The fats and proteins found in milk allow the skin to lock in moisture and soothe irritation. For all you Vegans out there as well.. Don’t be discouraged!! Almond milk, includes different antioxidants that regular milk lacks, and acts as another great alternative to removing all unwanted dirt and makeup. 

  6. Cucumber Juice: So we’ve all heard of the cucumbers on the eyes during your spa day, but have we ever heard of the cucumbers removing your makeup too? Well, there are a lot of makeup removers that actually have cucumber as an ingredient, so, instead of hitting the beauty store, hit the grocery store and grab yourself a cucumber! Place the cucumber into a blender or food processor until it comes to a paste. Watch as this anti-inflammatory fruit not only removes your makeup but helps with irritation and acne prone skin. Pair this with an oil mentioned above to enhance this remover and soothe your skin while you clear away any unwanted dirt or makeup. 

  7. Steam: Too good to be true? No! Boil some water and use that steam to open up your pores and unclog the dirt and makeup that may linger after a long day. Steam works best when first using one of the above methods of removal, and topping off your makeup removing routine with a steam facial; but feel free to use the steam and a wash cloth to gently wash away impurities. This affordable, easy, and natural method of removal should steer any individual away from the harmful chemicals that are added to the conventional makeup removers.




Here at Arrow + Phoenix, we attempt to educate our readers and ensure them that there are so many little things that you can switch up in your daily routine that benefit not only yourself but the environment around you. Our brand advocates for a sustainable way of living and we only promote the products we love! As our own skin silk includes many of these natural oils and materials such as jojoba, coconut and almond oil, we know that these products are great for the skin. 



Going DIY with your makeup remover can be more affordable, less scary, easily accessible, and natural if you chose these products over your conventional makeup removers. With the best quality in mind, we hope you find these tips and tricks useful in your journey to natural living.