Underneath The Palm Tree Summer Reads: Chloe Mitchell


Meet Chloe Mitchell

Much like our On Her Own Wayve segments, we were thrilled to create a specific forum for female authors inspiring other women and sharing their stories through their litterature.This summer, we’re sharing a few of our favorite authors and their novels, perfect for seaside reading underneath the palm trees.

At A Glance:

A+p: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
CM: Always stay true to yourself and always thank God for the blessings as well as the rejections.

A+P: Where is your favourite place to travel?
CM: I loved Paris. The energy and the aesthetic was amazing. I would live there for a few months out of the year if I could.

A+P: What’s the last podcast you listened to?
CM: I’m not a podcast girl per se but I like Amanda Seales and Oprah Winfrey’s podcasts. A lot of gems from the both of them.



A+P: A friend of mine posted about "Let This Be the Year" and I decided to read it before the end of 2018 and loved every bit of it. What inspired you to write it and how did you get started writing?

CM: Thank you! I’m always writing affirmations to myself and one day I tweeted something and it started with “Let this be the year where...” The creativity and inspiration is always there and it just ignited into a bigger idea. I already had about 100 quotes in my possession that I had written so when I decided to create a book, I had to come up with an extra 265. It was definitely a challenge but I like pushing myself creatively. I actually started writing poetry at age 7 as a form of therapy and never stopped using it as an outlet for my feelings. It’s always been much easier to express how I feel to myself on paper. I published my first book of poems called Therapy Sessions, Vol. I in 2016. I’m not always comfortable talking about certain things to friends or family so I used writing as a way to release these thoughts and feelings.

A+P: The mantras and quotes throughout your book are beyond inspiring. How do you stay motivated on your tougher days?

CM: I definitely have moments where I’m not in the best space mentally or emotionally but I keep people around who I know will bring me back to reality and keep me level headed. Other than that, I really just talk and hype myself up in my mind or on paper. I’m really big on prayer so I’m always praying for guidance and strength and I release that negative energy and keep going.

A+P: Inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone. Who and what inspires you to keep writing?


CM: As cheesy as it sounds, books and film keep me inspired and motivated as well as my own creativity. I’m constantly in a creative space, a poetic space. I make sure to always create very comfortable and calming environments, both physically and mentally. I’m a candle girl so I always have candles burning, a cup of tea to help me relax and some good music to set the vibe.

A+P: Not cheesy at all. I think if we’re all being honest, some part of our inspiration will always stem back to film, books and music for sure. What advice would you give other female writers and entrepreneurs who are just getting started in their businesses?

CM: There will be so many setbacks and disappointments but you have to keep going. Keep positive people around, mind your business, and stay focused. If one idea doesn’t work out, try another route. The only failure is giving up.


A+P: Other than writing, what else do you have coming up?

CM: I’m apart of a production company founded by my cousin Teyana Taylor called The Aunties. It’s a group of multitalented women killing it in the production industry. I’m one of the creative directors/writers and co-producers. I’m also working on my next book.


Chloe Mitchell

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