Say Hello to’s Top Up Tonic!

Ditch the bloating, fatigue and weight gain and replenish with’s new serum for all things birth control. Feel amazing and stay protected simultaneously by pairing your birth control with this amazing supplement.


This female-founded product is revolutionizing the way women feel while taking hormonal birth control; putting the pep back into her step with this once a day supplement. We are all aware of the common, unwanted side effects that take place when taking the pill. From bloating to fatigue, weight gain to headaches, the birth control pill is nothing short of inconvenient. With their clinically-researched and nutrient-loaded supplement, you can say goodbye to those unwanted side effects and say hello to’s Top Up Tonic.

This daily pill replenishes your body with the essential nutrients that your birth control is known to deplete. Transforming birth control for millions of women, Top Up Tonic is a science-backed supplement, designed to alleviate these pesky problems from The Pill. Filled with the most pure, ethically sourced, bioavailable ingredients that are essential to women taking any form of hormonal birth control.


Top Up Tonic is non-GMO, vegan friendly, gluten and allergen free, and has no added colorants or synthetic fillers. With specially formulated, all natural vitamins and antioxidants, Top Up Tonic has no known reactions from consumers, ensuring the enhancement of your body, mind, and spirit.


CEO and Wall Street veteran Julie K. McClure paired with renowned Naturopathic Doctor and Harvard trained wellness expert Elizabeth Goldspink, created this fun and inspiring company. Transforming their own personal health and wellness over the years, the dynamic duo pioneered their product to help women get the glow they deserve.

Inspiring women around the world, these best friends and co-founders are creating breakthrough products that are giving women the glow they deserve. Believing that all women should feel wonderful from the inside out, they created this first of their kind, science-backed supplement that leaves women feeling top of their game so they can give it their all.


Top Up Tonic Ingredients

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that leaves your skin glowing, your brain clear and your beauty at its peak.

  • The Symbiotic Complex and Magnesium Citrate are intense probiotics that detoxifies the body, balances your mood and alleviates bowel issues.

  • The Vitamin B Complex is a therapeutic dosage, putting your mind and body at peak performance, relieving headaches and enhancing metabolism.

  • The antioxidants Zinc Picolinate, Vitamin C and Selenium give your body immunity and replenishes vital nutrients.

  • The Energy and Thyroid Support Complexes boosts your metabolism and reverses fatigue!

  • No added colorants or synthetic fillers


Okay, so Where can I get some?

Top Up Tonic is available online at their website and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram and Facebook and learn more about their amazing products and stay up to date on what they have to come!