Tuesday Ten: Highlighting Black Owned Businesses

This Black History Month A+P wants to share 10 amazing & black owned businesses that you should support! In order to attain economic freedom we have to circulate our dollars in our own communities. Here are some of our favorites.

1. OrganiGrow Hair Company makes quality natural hair products that focus on hair porosity which is imperative in caring for your hair the right way! Not to mention, they also have decadent skin care products and some are even infused with cannabis. Their reviews are quite astonishing and it’s owned by a woman of color, Kay Cola. 


2. Live Above is a clothing company founded by 2 fellow alumnus of Tennessee State University. All of their apparel is uplifting and positive! Check out their tees, hoodies, jackets & hats.  


3. FeNoel is a clothing brand loved by the likes of Michelle Obama and Gabrielle Union that plays with relaxed yet sophisticated silhouettes and it’s garments have beautiful colors and prints.


4. Self Detach  is a crystal jewelry brand hailing from sunny Los Angeles. Owner Dajuan hand hand-wires all of his rings, necklaces and pendants. Self Detach jewelry will not only help align your chakras but also make a statement in your outfits.


5.  The Pottle is a brand new product that allows you to create your own gel nail polish for use at home! Created by NettieNailsIt, celebrity manicurist, she needed the functionality of a pot but the convenience of a bottle to create custom gel colors with ease on some of her famous clients such as Halle Berry (need I say more?) Get your pre-orders in now!



6. Humans Before Handles jewelry brand has something for everyone. The brand is not only Black owned but also female owned. Statement earrings will never be the same when it comes to this incredible brand.



7. Breed Love Beauty Co is a company based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and they make all organic natural skin and hair products. From Shampoo made with hemp to vitamin c packed face creams to fade dark marks, this brand has what you need! 


8. Kin Apparel, which stands for Keeping it Naturally, has created satin lined hoodies so that our natural curls and coils don’t dry out from regular cotton fabric. Keep your hairstyle in tact while staying warm with these quality hoodies.


9. Events by CCM is an Event + Party Planner based in Atlanta! Owner, Chynna, is incredibly talented with turning your party, whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, wedding reception, into a beautiful festive atmosphere. Book her today! 


10. Last but certainly not least, Soul Food Markets Incorporated, is a new supermarket chain that will feature products from black farmers and other businesses in Atlanta! This is incredible because it’s never been done. They are currently raising money for their first store, so please click the link and donate! Food deserts are still a thing in America, low income aka neighborhoods filled with black folks do not have access to local fresh goods.


I hope this list list has inspired you to support black businesses all around us and encourages you to even start your own! Happy Black History Month!  

Imari Gabrielle Comment