Love a Little, Love a Latte'

Love a Little, Love a Latte'


Healthy skin is always in and with cooler weather heading our way, many of us are scrambling to adjust our skincare routine accordingly. We’re so thrilled to bring you our favorite soap bars perfect for any skin type, handmade with love! All soap bars are 100% organic and safe for even the most sensitive of skin types.


Love a Little, Love a Latte’: Who doesn’t love a good wake me up? This bar is filled with ingredients that remove all dead skin cells and leave you with baby soft, exfoliated skin. The cinnamon in this particular bar is good for removing acne and pimples on the face and body. This happens when the drying of the skin brings blood and oxygen to the outer surface of the skin. Coffee grounds are known to help brighten skin, prevent clogged pores, and soften facial lines. 

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