Good Vibes Incense

Good Vibes Incense


Aware: A bouquet of rose, lily of the valley, and violet is grounded by cedar and sandalwood, finished with a hint of vanilla musk. (WOODSY)

Bliss: A burst of uplifting bergamot meets wine-infused black currant, sweet citrus, and a hint of mango - complete with a touch of black rose, gardenia, and midnight jasmine. (SPICE)

Devotion: An intoxicating blend of blooming lily, carnation, soft rose, and Indian jasmine accented by warm notes of ambered citrus and a swirl of white musk. (FLORAL)

Focus: A verdant, herbal blend of hawthorn and mint finished with a touch of fresh air and white lily. (FRESH)

Strength: An invigorating fusion of eucalyptus and pink sage, accented with bright mint and rich moss. (FRESH)

Includes 20 incense sticks and one brass holder

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  • Incense Sticks: 7.5"L

  • Incense Holder: 0.5"H, 1.5" diameter

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